What is the vehicle year cut off for a title loan?

We do not have a minimum year cut off for a title loan with Capital Title. We except all years, makes, and models for our title loan applications.

You might notice our online instant quote on our website only allows vehicles 1991 or newer. This is only because the service used to integrate the automated approval process will only go back to 1991. If you have a 1990 or older, we can still process a title loan for you. Simply call our office for a representative to walk you through a preapproval over the phone.

As material items, such as vehicles, age, the overall value of the item will depreciate so the older the vehicle, the less value and equity that you hold in it will depreciate. When you receive a title loan, you are receiving a title loan against the vehicle so the age of the vehicle may play a factor in the amount that your title loan will be approved for.

At Capital Title, we also offer classic car title loans. During your in-office inspection of your classic car, our representatives will be able to identify your vehicle as a classic car and despite the age of the vehicle, these vehicles will hold a larger value and allow for a larger loan approval. At Capital Title, although we have programs that allow for your title loan to be approved without proof of income, we do factor in your monthly net income in addition to the value of the vehicle to determine your loan amount. Unlike competitors, we are in the title loan industry to assist our customers to gain easy access to the cash that they need, utilizing the equity in their vehicle, not possessing, or purchasing the vehicle from our customers so we will always ensure that our customers understand the terms of the transaction as well as have the ability to repay their title loan and keep their car.

It is easy to find out how much you could receive today with an auto title loan from Capital Title! Start your application online now or call our friendly staff today at (850) 297-2274 to get preapproved over the phone!