What is a title loan?

A title loan is meant to be a short-term loan option using your vehicle as collateral for the title loan, it is a quick and easy way to gain access to cash that you need, for any reason, using the asset that you have – your vehicle! With a title loan from Capital Title, there is no credit check and no strict end date for a title loan with us, the length, and the repayment of a title pawn with Capital Title is ultimately in the hands of the customer!

Since your offices are conveniently located just North of the Florida-Georgia state lines, our title loans are structured as a 30-day pawn transaction. If you cannot repay the title loan in full at the end of the 30 days, you simply pay the finance charge – or any amount over the minimum payment – to extend the term for an additional 30 days. Just like any other loan, the longer you have a balance the more money you will accrue and pay in finance charges overtime. We do encourage our customer to pay more than the minimum finance charge to reduce the amount borrowed and in return, reduce the additional finance fees incurred for the title loan.

We make it easy for our customers to quickly and easily access cash that they may need through our title loan programs at Capital Title! Aside from our residences, our vehicles are the standard second major purchase that we will make (and let’s face it, we will repeat this process many times throughout our lives) but using the equity that you have in your vehicle to gain access to cash when you need it is something that millions of Americans do to assist them, regardless of the situation. Let Capital Title assist you today!

At Capital Title, we have the ability to grant our customers with access to the equity that they have in their vehicle, even if they have not finished paying of an existing lien on their vehicle! Title loans only on your vehicle if the existing financing has been paid off is a thing of the past!

Need more information? Call our office today at (850) 297-2274 with any questions you may have or to find out how much equity you have in your vehicle through a title loan with Capital Title today.