What do I need to get a title loan?

Getting a title loan with Capital Title is simple. You will need your title or registration, proof of income, proof of residency, your vehicle, and a photo ID. If you keep these documents electronically, you can email a copy, or our representatives can assist you during the approval process once you arrive at one of our conveniently located office to complete your title loan application.

Title or Registration

The first document we will need to see is the title to your vehicle. Titles are often held electronically through your state DMV, but you will not have to make a special trip to your DMV to transfer your title from electronic to a physical copy. Simply bring your registration instead if your title is an electronic title and this will work for your proof of ownership of the vehicle.

Proof of Income

You can provide a traditional paycheck stub, award letter, or a recent bank statement that shows your income deposited into your account. In some cases, you may bring a letter on company letterhead with employment information as proof of income if you do not have the other items. Proof of income is not required for all of our loan programs, however providing income can increase the amount you may qualify for!

Proof of Residency

Proof of residency is provided in lieu of a credit check, at Capital Title, we never check an applicant’s credit so your credit score will never play a factor in your title loan approval. We accept several different documents as proof of residency, including lease or mortgage statement, a recent utility bill, or bank statement.  We do require that your proof of residency document, if it is a reoccurring statement, be a recently issued statement, typically issued within the last 30 days.

*Tip: You can provide a recent bank statement for proof of income and proof of residency if you receive direct deposit and the address listed is correct and current!


Once you arrive to our location, a representative will do a quick inspection of your vehicle which will assist in determining the value and the amount of a loan you qualify for. There is no need for you to wash your car before your arrival! With our title loan vehicle inspections, we are just getting information specific to your vehicle in order to pull the current value as part of the underwriting process for your application.

Photo ID

Just like with any standard transaction with a business, we will need to see your valid photo ID. Most applicants already have either their State issued Driver’s License or ID already in their pocket so this one should be the easiest document for you to supply our staff members with for your title loan application!

If you need a title loan, why wait? Get the money that you need TODAY! Call our friendly staff at (850) 297-2274 to start your application over the phone or save some time in the office and start your title loan application online here!