What can I use for proof of residency to get a title loan?

We have several options for you to provide as proof of residency during the application process. Capital Title does not do a traditional credit check for you to be approved for a title loan, so instead we require a few documents in place of the credit check.

One of the most used documents to provide proof of residency is your bank statement. If you get direct deposit from your employer to your bank account, you can print your most recent bank statement with your correct mailing address and use that for proof of residency and proof of income. This allows our staff to verify your income by direct deposit which will save you bringing multiple items when visiting our office. You can use your bank statement even if you do not receive your income through your bank account, your bank statement will still be accepted as proof of residence.

Capital Title tries to make sure all our applicants can receive they funds they need. Incase you do not have a bank statement, you can also use a regular service bill such as phone, electric, gas cable or internet. All you need is your most recent bill with your current address and dated within 30 days. If you have recently moved and have not received your first months’ service bills, you can provide your lease agreement or mortgage statement. If you only receive electronic billing, you can print the bill at the office if you know your account log in information or you can email the documents to our secure email account, [email protected], and one of our representatives can print the documents for your application for you to save you some paper and ink.

If you do not have any of the items we have mentioned, do not worry! Capital Title also allows you to add a cosigner to your title loan application. This is not a requirement but can assist in producing the required documents needed to complete your loan and receive the funds quickly.

If you have any questions about some of the items listed to prove residency, call our knowledgeable staff at (850) 297-2274 today.