Is there a mileage cut off to get a title loan?

High or low mileage is no problem at Capital Title. We know you use your car every day going back and forth to work, extra-curricular activities, and family trips so the miles can rack up quickly. Our representatives will notate the mileage during the quick inspection of your vehicle, and it will play a factor in the value of your vehicle, however it will not be a reason to approve or deny your loan.

Regardless of the amount of miles on your odometer, you can still get the cash you need with Capital Title today. We are looking at the overall condition of the vehicle in addition to the mileage when completing the inspection. Mileage and condition will be used when pulling the value of the vehicle instead of using a credit check. You have equity in your vehicle, regardless of the mileage!

If you are worried about the mileage on your vehicle, you can call our informative staff today at (850) 297-2274 to get a preapproval quote. You can even send pictures of your vehicle and odometer to our secure email, [email protected] for a prequalifying virtual inspection!