If my car is not in perfect shape, can I still get a title loan?

Yes! We expect normal wear to your vehicle, we are definitely not expecting any vehicles to be show room quality when we are completing our title loan application with our customers because new vehicles are not typically what customers tend to use for the collateral of their title loan with Capital Title. If you have minor damage or dings to your car, that will not prevent you from getting a title loan with Capital Title. If you can drive your vehicle to our office for a quick inspection and the damage is smaller than a basketball, your vehicle should qualify for a title loan with Capital Title! Obviously, any major damage to your vehicle may decrease the overall value and decrease the title loan amount that you do qualify for, but we can more than likely still assist you with getting your title loan application approved, despite the damage to the vehicle. Our inspection process is simple; look at the overall condition and mileage. Save yourself a few minutes but skipping the car wash. Visit Capital Title with your vehicle, title, ID, proof of income and proof of residence and leave with the funds you need today!

At Capital Title, we are not worried about the fender damage or the little dent from a grocery cart floating around the parking lot. If you are still worried there might be some damage that would be an issue, call our staff at (850) 297-2274. You can send pictures of your vehicle to our email address, [email protected] to ensure the damage will not be problem.