Do you accept Florida Titles for a title loan?

Capital title services customers from both Georgia and Florida, and we can accept titles from either state for a title loan application. The state of Florida has been offering its residents the option for paper titles and electronic titles, also referred to as e-titles. If your title is held electronic, there is no need for you to have your title printed before visiting Capital Title. Save yourself the time and money to have your paper title printed by bringing your current vehicle registration instead of the title. Capital Title can process your loan the same day if you have an e-title or a paper title.

Georgia has also started to incorporate the use of electronic titles. If your title is held electronically through the state of Georgia, just bring your vehicle registration, and avoid the hassle of visiting your DMV. Like Florida, some residents may have a paper title instead of the e-title. Both options are accepted by Capital Title to process and approve your title loan.

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