Do I have to have insurance on my vehicle to get a title loan?

Because Capital Title services Georgia and Florida where insurance is required to operate a vehicle and you will need to drive to one of our locations, we do require insurance during the full term of your title loan. We will never require you to increase your coverage or add any additional coverage, unlike some other lenders. Although we do require the vehicles to have some degree of insurance in order to process your title loan application, we do not require the vehicle to have a full coverage policy for the application to be approved or for full coverage insurance to be purchased and maintained throughout the duration of your account with Capital Title.

Some competitors require you to purchase an insurance plan when receiving your title loan. These types of additional and unnecessary coverages could increase your monthly payment of your title loan and even lengthen the life of your loan. Capital Title will never require purchasing of any additional insurance, keeping your loan manageable allowing you to pay your loan off and get your title back quickly!

If your vehicle does not have full coverage and you have a title loan, it is important to note that in the event that your vehicle is in an accident and may be deemed as a total loss, you are still responsible for satisfying your financial obligation to Capital Title. Although this is a rare circumstance, Capital Title can work with you to close out your account.

Call our helpful staff at (850) 297-2274 with any other questions you may have regarding our title loan application requirements. We look forward to assisting you.