Can I get a title loan with an electronic title?

We can approve your title loan even if you have an electronic title, or e-title. Capital Title services Georgia and Florida residents where both states offer electronic titles through your local DMV. There will be no need for you to have your e-title printed before visiting our office. You can bring your current registration with you which will allow our staff to verify your electronic title online. We do not have to keep your registration, instead we can file the lien paperwork electronically through the state. Once you have paid the title loan in full, you can opt to keep the title electronic or have a new, clean, and clear, title mailed to you from the State for an additional fee.

Not sure if you have an electronic title? Call our office today at (850)297-2274 with your Vehicle Identification Number, or VIN, handy and one of our experienced representatives can confirm the status of your title for you. This can save you an unnecessary trip to your DMV.